Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Stinks

Until my daughter-in-law Amy and grandaughter Abby joined the family I lived and worked in a sea of males.  Testosterone dripped from the walls!  So I understand, appreciate and even at times possess the male mindset. That is why I made this out of the ordinary Valentine's Day card for my 5 year old grandson Cole.  At the age of 5, girls are yucky and "Love Stinks".  I rather wish it would stay like that until oh around the age of 30 when the wisdom and maturity catches up to the emotional and physical but it is what it is and I'm hoping that Cole digs this card.  The inside?  It says "But you ROCK and Grandma loves you".  My Valentine's Day packages to my grands go out in tomorrow's mail.  They are filled with chocolate, DVDs, surprises, handmade cards and most of all love....I hope they feel the love the most.  I am also sharing the cards I made for Jacob and Abby as well.

 I wanted to say that I lifted the idea from this "stinky" card from the extremely talented Tessa Buys....thanks for the idea Tessa!

 I used the sketch from Lasting Memories for this "monstrous" card for Jacob

I had to do a "sweet" card for my darling Abby.

Thanks for following along....don't forget about my blog giveaway.  Leave a comment on my first blog post and stop back sometime this week for another entry by leaving me a comment as to your favorite SuperBowl commercial.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Beautiful cards, Sandi! Your grandchildren will LOVE them I am sure. Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  2. these are so stinkin' cute! the kids will LOVE them.

  3. They are so cute! I love how the lollipops came out!...and I better get to paying attention to those commercials LOL!

  4. I love your cards! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! :) I didn't pay attention to the commercials and only saw the last half. I was busy stuffing my face and hoping the Steelers would win!

  5. These cards are SO cute! One of my favorite commercials was definitely the pug Dorito one for obvious reasons ;)


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