Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Baby....

The main reason I am involved in scrapbooking is to document and preserve family memories. I picture someday all of the pages and albums I am working on belonging to my children and grandchildren so they can remember their family members and experiences growing up. Why then am I uncomfortable with the idea of scrapping pictures of me? I have asked myself that question and I think I just feel slightly vain when I create a page about me. But if I am leaving these pages and books behind for my family then I am sure they would want some pages and insight into me and my life. I try to handwrite on many of the pages after realizing that I don't have any samples of my own mother's pretty feminine handwriting and now she is gone. So here is one for my family -- it's me about 1959-1960. I love the photo's little details....bracelet, necklace, spotless saddle shoes, curly hair and chubby dimpled hands. I still have the curly hair (although it is now a different color!) and the dimples in my hand and I still love to wear jewelry. Some things never change! I used Sketch #66 from Inspired Blueprints as my inspiration for this layout.



  1. Such a beautiful little girl and now woman :) Loved this layout Sandi (even if I didn't know it was you hehe)

  2. I didn't guess yours right either... Your page is beautiful. I'm glad that you are preserving memories for your family. I know they will appreciate it.

  3. I LOVE this layout, Sandi! I didn't see the shoes until mentioned it here! LOL! I had those!! TFS! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim


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