Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let's Help Celebrate!

A friend of mine shared this post on Facebook today and I really felt like I want to get behind this and help celebrate this WWII veteran's 100th birthday.  I had this card that I made a year ago for a challenge in my little Yahoo scrapbooking/card making group and I had never sent it out.  So today I added the "100" and a birthday greeting inside and I am sending it out this week.

Here is a picture of Mr. Kuntz and his neighbor Salena who is putting this effort together:

Here is the information if you want to be a part of this awesome way to thank a veteran.
    My name is Salena Catron - Mr. Kuntz is My Best Friend and Neighbor...
    This year June 15, 2015 Mr. Kuntz will be 100 years old. He doesn't know about this page... - Shhhh... It's a SECRET!!! -
    ** I would like to ask each person who reads this to do a tangible act of kindness to recognize a WWII veteran on his 100th Birthday. Seaman 1st Class James Ralph Kuntz of Kokomo, IN
    James was born on 15 June, 1915. He served aboard the USS Swenning in 1945 in the Pacific Theater and then on an LSD Boat out of NAB Little Creek, VA after the war. He was a Radioman and could Morse Code 28 words per minute.
    I’d like to ask anyone who is able to kindly send a birthday card to this gentleman to let him know we appreciate his service that contributed to the war effort that saved the world from tyranny. Please send cards to Salena Catron c/o James Ralph Kuntz - 3310 Orleans Dr., Kokomo, IN 46902.

    My plan is to get as many Birthday wishes, or even cards I can for him. I really want him to have the VERY BEST Birthday ever!!!
    I will be following up with more background about My BEST FRIEND!
    Please feel free to share...


  1. AWESOME CARD, Sandi! I will be sending him one also! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  2. What a wonderful thing for someone to do!! I love the card you created for him. Hope I can find time to create one too!!

  3. Love your beautiful card and what an awesome idea! I am going to try and send him a card, too.

  4. Awesome card and I'm so glad you posted this. I saw it in FB too and wanted to participate.


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