Monday, October 17, 2016

Calling All Sistahs October Blog Hop

When was the last time that a blog hop saved your life? Well the August 17th Cas-ual Fridays Blog Hop just very possibly did just that for me.  See, I was about 2 months late in scheduling my annual mammogram due to family vacations, co-workers vacations and just general busy-ness last summer. But on August 17th I saw that one of my favorite stamp companies, CAS-ual Fridays was having their monthly Calling All Sistahs Blog Hop. 

The purpose of the monthly hop was to remind all of us to do breast self-exams and schedule our annual mammogram if we were due. I made my appointment that very day and a week later had a routine mammogram that ended up finding my very small (less than a centimeter) stage one breast cancer.  I received my diagnosis the first part of September and contacted Michele, the owner of CAS-ual Fridays for advice and support.  She told me about her experience and a relatively new procedure she had.  I researched the procedure, found a doctor about 2 hours away that did the intra-operative radiation therapy and on September 30th I had my lumpectomy and received a full dose of radiation at the time of surgery. My lymph nodes and all my margins came back clear and free of cancer and other than a 5 year round of hormone therapy, my cancer treatment is OVER.  I will be regularly screened for the rest of my life and I am completely confident that I will live a long and full life. Yes, I was one of the 1 in 8 but early detection helped me to become not only a cancer survivor but also a thriver. Life is good.

So to give back, I am going to participate in every Calling All Sistahs blog hops that I possibly can and remind every woman out there to do your self exams and go to your annual mammograms.

I used the HOPE  and Ruffled Ribbon die on this card along with the sentiment from the Hope Ribbon stamp set all of which are from Cas-ual Fridays.  Michele contributes 50% of the profits from these stamps to breast cancer research....isn't that awesome? If you want to do some shopping here is the link to the shop:

There are prizes and perks to this blog hop.  (1) person will win the new CASual Fridays Stamps release for commenting along the blog hop.  This includes a NEW Calling All Sistahs style stamp set!  Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?!!! Click HERE to start the hop.

  • Comments must be made by 12:00am EST on October 19th, 2016 to qualify.
  • Please use at least one CASual Fridays  Stamp or Die on your card for this blog hop.  
  • Please join us next month as one of the stops on the hop.  Our theme will be a general "Calling All Sistahs" next month
  • Please also join our Facebook group. We truly want more people to participate so more sistahs detect their cancer early.
  • Remember to do your monthly self-exams and schedule your yearly mammograms if it is time for them.
The next person on the blog hop is the awesome Shona Chambers.

Thanks for hoping along with us.



  1. Such an elegant card. Thanks for sharing and being a part of such an important issue. Here is wishing you good health and much happiness

  2. A beautiful card Sandi. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer too and am undergoing aggressive treatment. I found the lump and went in to see the doctor, my cancer didn't show on my mammogram. I have to stress the importance of self exams and self awareness of your body - it could save your life.

  3. Gorgeous card! I love the big ribbon with hope framed in the middle! Great sentiment!

  4. Thank you so much for telling your story. You are a sparkling example of courage and grace, and I am so glad your situation turned out so well. I know it was hard. You inspire me, and I'm sure many others. Plus, the card is AWEsome! :D

  5. Congratulations on beating the big nasty! I am a three time survivor and know that when you hear the diagnosis your whole world tilts! Then hearing that it is over is such a wonderful feeling!
    Love your card and congratulations again! TFS!

  6. Your post is so meaningful. I too am a survivor. Hope is such an important word...I love your card!

  7. Glad you were able to beat it.
    Live a long and happy life to
    prove to cancer that you are
    better than it is.
    Love the card.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. So pretty!! Early detection is key

  9. Great card and thanks for sharing your story.

  10. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card as well as you story with us. I'm really loving this Sistah Blog Hop idea.

  11. Your card is beautiful and your story inspiring! I have two aunts who are long time breast cancer survivors, so I know the importance of regular exams. Thanks for helping spread the word!

  12. Your card is beautiful! I'm a 9 year survivor!! 🎀

  13. Awesome card. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. What a lovely, shiny, card! So glad you've been so fortunate!

  15. Thank you for sharing your story!! And your card, so very pretty!

  16. Thank you for joining us for the Calling All Sistahs blog hop, Sandi! I love how your HOPE jumps out on this card. It's definitely is encouraging!

  17. Pretty pink background and thanks for your story!


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