Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Celebrate 32

There are three of us in the family with August youngest granddaughter, Izzy, myself and my beautiful daughter-in-law Amy. This year I reminded her and my son to PLEASE take pictures so I could make a birthday page for Amy's scrapbook.  I had never gotten any birthday pictures of her birthdays so I was excited when they sent me these of her opening up her gifts that we sent her.  We gave her a fabric steamer and a gift card so she could shop for something more personal but she was crazy about the steamer.  She loves little household appliances as gifts so I was glad I thought of the steamer for her. Do you like gifts for the house or giftcards? Some people do not like gift cards but I LOVE them. I think it is so much fun to shop on someone else's dime.

I used this awesome sketch by Laura Whitaker for Stuck? Sketches:

I turned the sketch 45 degrees to accommodate the vertical photos that I had.

Well that is about it for tonight....I am working on Halloween cards and tags so I will be back tomorrow to share some of those.  Thanks for stopping in.


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