Monday, January 5, 2015

My 14 Favorite Projects of 2014

I decided to share my favorite 14 projects of  2014 and the reasons why.  So here we go ---

I love doing my pocket page documenting of our everyday life (even if I am chronically behind) The above page was from Christmas 2013

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to craft for....I just love to tell my family that I love them! And the photo in the heart shaped frame in my staging is my mom and dad on their honeymoon in 1955. <3

Recently I received a bunch of pictures from my husband's childhood and this is one picture that I scrapped right away of Dave when he was about 12.

My oldest son, Matt, does not ever get his picture taken very often. When he does...I grab it and scrap it!

On the other hand, my youngest son Adam, has a very active Instagram account and I loved this picture of himself when he posted it and had to scrap it.  Don't you love Instagram and their square photos?

I love my husband, papercrafting and living in coastal Florida.  This anniversary card for Dave combines all of them.  The special thing?  He keeps this card on his nightstand. (swoon)

I raised 2 boys and my oldest 2 grandchildren are boys.  I love all things boy and had a ton of fun making this page to document some awesome pirate costumes from several years ago. (look how little they are)

Living 1000 miles from my family is hard.  This is a card I sent them to tell them I miss them.  Scrapping them helps me not miss them quite so badly.

Abby's first trip to the Magic Kingdom is one we will all NEVER forget.  Let's just say at 2 years old she did not get the whole standing in line thing. Our next trip there with the girls will be better.  But I had to document the day and loved this picture of Abby and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Amy.

One of the coolest thing we did in 2014 was to see Night Ranger in Orlando and get some time before and after the concert to hang out backstage with the band.  Dave's good friend Joel Hoekstra is in the band and it was fun times seeing him again.

Grandchildren are definitely the frosting on the cupcake of life.  I love my grandchildren and miss them terribly.  I love this page that I did this year of my granddaughters and their dad, my son, Matt.

This summer my grandsons Jake (age 12) and Cole (age 8) came down to Florida with Dave and I for a week without their parents.  It was AWESOME and we cannot wait to have them back.  To document the trip I made a Sn@p mini-album.  It turned out great and the boys love it.  I wish I had made one to keep for myself. LOL

I made this page of Jake and Cole at the Daytona Beach airport when they were leaving to go home.  I think this is my favorite title of all time and is exactly how I feel about all my grandchildren.

And the final project is a Christmas cars.  I usually make nearly all my Christmas cards (and they are all different) every year which involves 60-75 cards.  This past year for a variety of reasons I did not get them done throughout the year and so I thought I was going to have to send store bought cards.  Then I got sick...really sick.  For a whole week I was off work and although I was eventually diagnosed with bronchitis and a severe sinus infection I got our cards made.  The above card was one of my favorites.

Well that is favorite 14 projects of 2014.  Which one of these is your favorite?



  1. AWESOME 14 projects! I just LOVE the title of "You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye", so TRUE with grandchildren! Thanks for sharing! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  2. These are all awesome!!! Hard to pick a favorite. I always love your cards and the one with the US is so cool. But if I have to pick I would say the one of Dave at 12 yrs old. Love the colors and its such a special picture.

  3. Honored to have received one of your fav cards :) All of your work inspires me. My fav of your favs is probably the grandson page with that awesome, heartfelt title.

  4. These are all awesome projects! You really created some fabulous pages and cards this year! I really love so many, but if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the page with Matt. I just think every element of that layout is perfect! Thanks so much for all you share! Wishing you lots of inspiration and creative time in 2015!!!

  5. These are all just awesome fab is the album you did for the boys. :)


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