Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sad News

A few months ago I got the very exciting news that I had been named to the Artful Delight card kit design team.  I was over the moon excited.  To make it even better, my online bestie Suzanne also made the team....for the scrapbooking kits.  For the last 4 months we have had a blast playing with the new kits.  It is been a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately, Leanne (the owner of Artful Delight) made a tough decision recently and as of March 1st she is shutting down.  But Wait!!!!  There is a silver lining as she is having a 50% off sale in her shop....last I checked there were still some pretty awesome kits available as well as some other shop items.  Go HERE for more details.


  1. Sandi, I'm so sorry to hear this. Maybe you and Suzy need to start your own kit club!

  2. Im so sorry to hear that....I know it wasn't an easy decision for Leeanne but you and Suzanne are both such wonderful designers i KNOW you will both get picked up by another awesome team and they will be so lucky to have you. I bet it will be a BIG ONE too!!!!!


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